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Sunday, 29 April 2018

7 Ways To Raise A Happy Child

As a parent, all you want is to see your kids happy and healthy as they are growing up. Sometimes their happiness gets compromised because of certain situations and pressure of doing well in school, arts, and sports. This pressure and negativity can hamper their overall happiness.

So, I have jotted down 7 ways to raise a happy child.

Here are the ways.

1. Take them by surprise

Who doesn’t love surprises? When you will amaze your kid with something which they were not expecting then it will not only make your little one glee out of excitement, but it will also lift their spirits high. You can surprise them either by taking them on a trip, gifting them their favorite toy, and so forth. Try doing it more often so that they can cherish these memories rest of their lives.

2. Make gratitude their attitude

There is nothing blissful than the feeling of being thankful every day for something. You can teach your kiddiewinks the power of gratitude by asking them to think about at least one thing before going to bed, which they are thankful for to the Almighty. It might be good friends, food, clothes, good marks, favorite toy, a good day and so on.

3. Sow the seed of self-love

Mark Sterling quotes,“If you want to soar in life, you must first learn to F.L.Y (First Love Yourself). In this quote, he gave the essence of self-love. To love others, you need to love yourself first. If you, yourself are filled to the brim with love, then only you can give others love. Sowing the seed of self-love in your little ones will help them become more independent individual and less dependent on others for their approval and love. Teach them the essential of self-love.

4. Introduce learning toys in their playtime

Kids having playtime doesn’t mean that they are fooling around or monkeying around, in fact, playtime is essential for the overall development of your child. Playtime acts as a great change for children from school and homework. Besides physical development, introducing learning toys in their playtime routine helps in the cognitive, emotional and social development of your little one as he is growing up.

5. Lead them through optimism

Optimism is something which children learn from observing their parents and surroundings. So, parents, you must lead your kids by example as this is the constructive way where you don’t have to ask your kids to follow you. When you act positive and calm even in the desperate situations, then your kiddiewinks will learn that from you. They will never give in easily as they have seen their parents not giving in situations no matter how negative. Always use encouraging words and positive feedback around your kiddiewinks so that they grasp those things. Besides, be grateful and appreciate things so that kids can learn from you.

6. Family the essence of life

The family is what keeps everyone together and grounded. Teach your kids the sense of family so that they can further teach their kids about it. Family teaches them unity and how to adapt. This will help them in the long run as once they are out in the world they will be able to adapt to the culture, people, and their surroundings. Teach them that every individual is different and unique in their own way. Family teaches kids empathy and the value of relationships. Families help in fostering the relationship.

7. Appreciate their efforts

Parents usually tend or out of habit compare their kids to the children in the neighborhood. This comparison could be regarding their manners, marks or behaviour. Mom and dad always focus on results rather than the efforts put in the examination. So, dear parents encourage your kids and always appreciate the hours they have put in their late hours’ study. Doing this will help your kids grow healthy emotionally and will also encourage them to move ahead despite scoring less marks or not doing well.

That’s all from my side. Hope this post was of a little help.