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Sunday, 29 April 2018

Foods To Consider For Getting Healthy Teeth And Gums

Since you are here, am sure you probably know the importance of dental health and are looking for a surprise path to get the perfect teeth.

For that, you need to consider the diet for your dental health. Such diet not only helps to maintain your teeth but also it help to maintain your weight. Are you curious to know the foods that can enhance your oral health and those that can be detrimental to your oral health? This is what a dentist in Blacktown has explained in this article.

Beware of What You Eat

The main culprits of common mouth or oral health problems are sugars and acidic food, so the final result of having these foods is the formation of plaque. These foods majorly responsible for enamel erosion, tooth decay and other dental problems. To avoid these types of problems, it’s must to avoid highly acidic and sugary foods.

Highly Acidic Foods

Acidic foods are extremely dangerous, as it can lead to a range of problems from sensitivity issues to discolored teeth: Some of them are,
- Lemons
- Tomatoes
- Coffee
- Alcohol
- Pickles

These foods consist of highly acidic foods that have bacteria and acids, which will erode your teeth's enamel causing tooth decay. So it’s better to avoid these foods.

Low Acidic Foods

The foods which have low acidic content and are good for your teeth are,
- Avocados
- lean meat
- eggs
- nuts
- bananas
- broccoli
- whole grains
- cheese
- vegetables

These foods make the teeth stronger, brighter and get rid of bad bacteria.

Foods High in Sugar

Sugar is not just evil to dental health but also your overall health. The bad bacteria in the mouth will make the problem serious by creating cavities and other dental problems; here the sugar plays a major role in developing bad bacteria. So it’s important to avoid sugary foods and drinks as recommended by your Blacktown dental specialist.

Note: In case if you have consumed sugary foods, rinse your mouth well with water or drink plenty of water.

Foods and drinks which are high in sugar content are,
- Dried fruits
- Coffee
- Jams
- Soft drinks
- Desserts
- Cereal and more…

These are the foods that you have to avoid to maintain your dental health forever.

Final Recap

Food is meant to make you healthy and happy, so concentrate on it to maintain not only your teeth but also your life.

Avoid the foods that harm your teeth and body, and focus on the foods which helps enhance your teeth, gums and body and stay healthy! Don’t forget to visit your orthodontist in Blacktown once in 6 months to check for your dental help.

The author of the article is an experienced dentist in Blacktown who offers a wide range of quality dental treatments at an affordable price. In this article, he has discussed about the foods you need to consider for getting healthy teeth and gums. To know more, visit