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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Beauty Of Malaysia

Sitting at the 44th most popular country in the world, Malaysia is a famous destination among shopping addicts. For a city trying to catch up with the modern world, you’d think that it has lost its culture somewhere in the middle of that race. But surprisingly, it has conserved there unique culture somewhere among the sky high buildings.

Resembling twin silver rockets somewhere in the middle of the busy town is the Petronas Tower. Stepping inside, it’s like a scene from a modern-times movie. The 88-storey twin towers are the tallest pair in the world at nearly 452m and is a sight you don’t want to miss. Grab a ticket online or head there fast to make sure you don’t miss the chance for the 45-minute tours – which take in the Sky bridge connection on the 41st floor and the observation deck on the 86th floor at 370m.

Then head onto bukit bintang for the shopping experience of a life-time. The specialty of these streets are bargaining and also the wide variety of goods and mouth-watering street food. The street comes alive in the night-time so the best time to wonder in the streets are the night time. The famous batu caves, as many of you might have heard at least once in your lifetime is a complex of giant limestone caves situated just 13km north of Kuala Lumpur. This is now one of Malaysia’s most iconic sights and holiest Hindu shrines.

Dedicated to Thean Hou, stands a multi-storey Chinese temple built in Architectural Chinese style which allows you an insight of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. It also offers fortune telling services which is one thing not to be missed this vacation. Pineapple Hill otherwise known as Bukit Nanas is a canopy walkway through a thick lowland dipterocarp forest covering 9.37 hectares situated in the heart of the city. The rustling sound of leaves and the tweet of birds will unlax you in a way the city cannot. This Eco-park is definitely worth the try when in Malaysia. With the sun setting, head towards the KLCC Park to catch a breath-taking view and the Lake Symphony fountains playing in front of the Suria KLCC every night at 8pm, 9pm and 10pm.

Take a street food tour in KL's biggest collection of roadside restaurants scattered along Jln Alor, north of Jln Bukit Bintang. Be it a beer or authentic Malaysian food or mouth-watering street food, take a stroll through the streets at night for the best choices. Try not to miss the satay to kai-lan (Chinese greens) in oyster sauce and fried noodles with frogs' legs if you’re up for a new dare.

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