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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Best Protection And Stunning New Design For Your IPad

After purchasing your iPad and gazing at it with the eyes of a proud owner, the next thing you do is worry. How long will I have this before it gets a scratch? Will it always be this shiny and pretty? It's so light, What happens if I drop it? Don't worry proud owner, these fears are completely normal. At SlickWraps, we have come up with the perfect solution to your iPad anxiety; the carbon case.

Carbon fiber is created by weaving together long skinny strands of carbon, like weaving a basket; a basket of steel. The product is a lighter-than-a-feather material that is much stronger even than steel. Carbon fiber cases are thinner than most cases but provide fantastic protection. Scratches and scuffs have no chance against your carbon case.

Here’s Why SlickWraps Carbon is the Way to Go:
Extremely appealing - What teen girl wants a black case for her Mini? Don’t dampen your Christmas or birthday present with an ugly case. We have over 10 colors to choose from!
Very thin and light - The IPad Air Decals is appealing because it's mini. Otherwise, people would buy the regular version, right? So why on earth would you add a clunky case to your Mini? It defeats the purpose. Carbon cases allow you to keep that light and small feel of a Mini.
Very strong - It's made of Carbon, which is a type of steel. Yes, this stylish, light, and thin case is basically made of steel.
Durable - It holds up to give you dust, dirt and scratch protection on both the front and the back of your Mini.

What’s more? It’s easy to use!

Wondering If you can install the case yourself? Of course! SlickWraps guarantees a worry free installation experience! SlickWraps adopted what they call a GOOF policy. If you goof up the install, They will send a replacement. You will need to contact them within 30 days, but it’s as easy as a phone call to fix your GOOF.

SlickWraps uses laser precision design IPad Mini 4 Skins and layout making it fit perfectly against your Mini. No more gripping your Mini to feel the space between your case and your mini. That can be the downfall of the plastic case. SlickWraps provide the greatest grip sensation found on the market. Your Mini stays Mini and feels light while retaining overall protection and style. They offer 10 different colors in Carbon which is unrivaled in the market today. Go ahead and admire your new beauty. Give it an extra-long proud look and then wrap it in a protective beautiful carbon case. Give your iPad Mini the protection of a Carbon case and a stunning new design all with one case from SlickWraps.