Get Your Glow On! 17 Makeup Trends To Follow In 2018 - Phkay Prek

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Get Your Glow On! 17 Makeup Trends To Follow In 2018

Minimalistic looks are starting to trend, which is extremely different than 2017.

Inner Eye Glow

We don’t just highlight our cheeks anymore. Grab some of that shimmer and apply some in the inner corners of your eyes! This look has been seen all over the runways and is such an adorable trend.

Dewy Skin

Thanks to the Korean skincare trend, dewy makeup looks are making its way through the makeup community.

Halo Eye

You can’t escape this trend (especially on the explore page on Instagram) but for good reason. It’s a beautiful eye look that isn’t going anywhere.

“Natural Brows”

Say goodbye to overly dark, drawn on brows, and say HELLO to natural brows. Brows that look, “natural” or lightly filled were seen all over the runways this year.


Bye bye drying, matte liquid lips! Gloss is back and better than ever.

Gloss Eyelids

This trend was first seen in 2017, but it’s here to stay. I personally think this trend is beautiful, even though I have no idea how it's achieved.

Bold Liquid Liner

Dramatic eye looks with either intense, dark, thick black liquid liner OR even white liquid liner was seen all over the runways at fashion week.

Electric Colors - pop of color (either on eyes or lips or somewhere else is in)

Pops of color, either on the eyes or lips, is so hot right now! It’s a great way to attract attention and make a statement.

“Natural” Nail Polish

Honestly, this is ALWAYS trending. Natural, translucent nail polish pairs perfectly with any outfit or makeup look.

Lilac Eye Looks

This was seen EVERYWHERE during fashion week. Lilac is the perfect eyeshadow to wear in the spring and even a great color to transition into summer.

Glitter Highlight

This trend isn’t just for festivals anymore! Apply some glitter to highlight those cheekbones if you want to stand out in the most fashionable way possible.

Red Lip

To be honest, this trend never really goes out of can never go wrong with a red lip.


We’ve seen them compliment eye looks on the runway, why not try ourselves? Well now we can, this trend is seen everywhere now and I’m so excited for it.

False Lashes or Eyelash Extensions

This trend is continued from 2017 and for good reason. Who doesn’t want long, thick lashes?

Gold Highlight

Thanks, Fenty beauty...I’m not mad at it though.

The “Less is More” Look

Minimalistic looks are starting to trend, which is extremely different than 2017. I’m personally loving this because I’m lazy and don’t have time to apply four layers of foundation every day.

Glitter Eyeshadow!

This look is really enchanting in my opinion. Applying loose glitter as eyeshadow is a huge trend right now and I’m sure we’ll see it grow due to festival season.